Welcome to Sorensen Consulting

Sorensen Consulting evolved from Donna Sorensen's experience as an attorney, business executive and community volunteer. Throughout her twenty-year career in the financial services industry Donna provided leadership during corporate reorganizations, restructurings, consolidations, downsizings, mergers and acquisitions. As a front line manager, she developed an acute understanding of people's behavior during these turbulent times and its impact on an organization's ability to accomplish its goals.

Wishing to explore these dynamics further, she left the corporate world in 2000 to teach at the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, conduct research and consult with organizations wishing to sharpen their strategic focus and successfully implement change. Donna brings to her clients the sophistication of her professional management background blended with her practical understanding of human behavior.

Sorensen Consulting clients include business and nonprofit entities across a broad spectrum of industries including financial services, higher education, state government, engineering, healthcare, insurance and human services. While each industry has unique characteristics, the common denominator for all is people. Aligning people's efforts with organizational goals, ensuring the right person is in the right job, disentangling dysfunctional dynamics and maximizing individual performance are services applicable to every organization.